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Clean Eating Meal Program to Get Your Health on Track

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The Clean Eating Meal Program answers the one of the most challenging questions anyone can face at the start of a detox…so what CAN I eat?

Starting any new food or health regimen can be confusing to say the least which is why we encourage referencing the Clean Eating Meal Program, first. Often, when we focus on restriction -- what we cannot eat on our new diet or cleanse -- we immediately start to crave that restricted food like never before leading us to cheat and feel guilty.  Focusing your attention on the foods you CAN have helps you avoid falling into this food-deprivation trap.

Undergoing a detox like the 21-Day Clean Program can feel intimidating and discouraging as the foods you are most familiar with are limited or eliminated altogether -- but the Clean Program is not just lettuce and baby carrots -- healthy comfort  foods you love are allowed along with exciting healthy new foods to try out.

Eating Clean is a wonderful opportunity to try out healthier recipes and introduce new superfoods into your daily routine like chia seeds, spirulina, and coconut oil in new and creative ways. The Clean Eating Meal Program includes a pre-cleanse menu, meals for vegans and omnivores, daily shakes, soups, snacks, and more.

We’ve put together a copy our Clean Eating Meal Program to give you a glimpse of what 21 days of Clean eating and cooking looks like (chocolate fudge brownies can be Clean, too). We’ve gathered many recipe options including our team’s personal favorites (Almond Butter Pancakes, anyone?) along with many others from healthy food bloggers.

Feel free to personalize this meal program to fit your lifestyle, dietary needs, and schedule. You can follow this meal program exactly as it’s written or, if this seems like too much, simply pick and choose your favorite recipes to customize. Make larger portions to stretch the recipe over several meals or mix and match ingredients you like.

We hope this resource will make your experience on the Clean Program easier, tastier, and fun!

Download the Clean Meal Program

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