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Clean Eats is a NY Times Best Seller!

Posted by cleanteam

thank you!

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here. 

I have some big news to share with you.

Clean Eats, our new recipe book, is officially a New York Times Best Seller!

We couldn't have done it without your support. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy and helped us get the word out.

An important part of this book is the charities it supports. All the author proceeds of Clean Eats go to charities working with children. The more we spread the word about this book, the more we can help the lives of kids in the US and abroad.

So if you haven't purchased a copy or shared it on facebook or twitter, I'd love for you to consider doing it now. Your contribution will help us make a deeper and more lasting impact.

Again, I'm so thankful for all the great feedback I've received about the book and for your continued support.


Clean Eats is a NYTs bestseller!

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