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Clean Gut

Posted by cleanteam


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In this video I talk about:

  • What is Clean Gut?
  • Why understanding the gut is one of the missing factor in thinking about our health
  • Why I decided to write about the gut now
  • Why I created the Clean Gut program
  • The importance of gut repair even after we have done a cleanse
  • Why everyone can benefit from doing a gut-repair program

I’m very excited to share this information with the Clean community. Let me tell you why.

Most people today have some degree of gut damage. This is a serious problem because, as I explain in the book, health and disease start in the gut.

When our gut is damaged, it becomes more challenging to lose weight, digest food properly and maintain stable moods and energy levels. Gut damage also makes us more vulnerable in the long run to chronic disease.

It is through gut repair that we can address the root of our health problems and avoid disease in the future.

My wish as a doctor is that everyone could have access to the knowledge needed to obtain optimal health.

My hope is that Clean Gut brings that wish one step closer to becoming a reality.

With gratitude,
Dr. Junger


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