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Fad Diets: How to Separate Fact From Fiction in This Debate

Posted by cleanteam


Despite what certain health gurus or doctors may have you believe, recent trials have shown that weight loss and disease prevention are less affected by following a fad diet and more affected by how well you adhere to your personal diet and fitness goals. In fact, the difference in weight loss between numerous fad diets (low-fat, South Beach, Atkins, Zone, paleo, mediterranean) was less than 2.2 pounds.

This is good news if you want to let go of any diet-dogma that might have your panties in a bunch. Diet-dogma hides the importance of long-term habit change and developing a consistent exercise plan. In the end, the pursuit of a fad diet and the hyperfocus on finding the ideal amount of fats, carbohydrates, and protein to eat turns out to be a fantasy.

What we’re left with then if we want measurable disease prevention and weight loss, now that we’ve buried the perfect diet idea, is finding a whole-foods approach that is broad, appealing and satiating enough to encourage us to stick to it long-term.

We vote for a lifestyle that focuses on whole foods minus toxic triggers.

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