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The Gift of Gratitude | Clean Life

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There's something magical about gratitude. Few actions can so quickly bring a smile to someone's face or immediately change the energy of a room. When someone appreciates us, it feels really good.

Gratitude just makes life better. It also happens to relax the body, reduce stress, improve digestion and deepen our relationships.

But, for many of us, gratitude doesn't come easily, especially when it comes to ourselves. Maybe we feel like we don’t deserve it; we aren’t good enough; or we just haven't given it that much thought.

Short-changing ourselves a dose of daily appreciation can limit how much joy we experience in our own lives.

Behavioral scientist BJ Fogg, head of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford, found that healthy habits are much more likely to stick when we continuously appreciate the small wins we experience throughout the day, rather than waiting until a final goal is reached. He recommends literally patting yourself on the back with each tiny win. This physical appreciation helps us celebrate our progress while keeping negative self-talk from getting in our way.

There are certain times of the year where we receive gifts and the good feelings of mutual appreciation flow. What if we were able to feel that joy, everyday? What if we were able to access that joy constantly throughout our day? We can!

Have you ever stepped outside just as the rain clears? Turned onto a street of green lights? Do you have access to clean drinking water?

Feeling and exhibiting gratitude is a choice to view experiences as gifts within themselves and, like magic, our capacity for giving and receiving joy expands, exponentially.

Today, show someone (even yourself) a little gratitude. See what gifts will come tomorrow.

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