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News from the Clean Community: Group Cleanse

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Group cleanses are one of the most exciting things that our Clean Community gets up to, and we love sharing their experiences, all over the country. With technology, Dr. Junger is happy to jump on conference calls with these large groups and provide an individualized one-on-several sort of discussion which is so beneficial for everyone involved. Group cleanses provide inspiration, motivation, a great support system and maybe even some delicious prepared-for-you food, so we totally encourage you to round up your friends, yoga group, hiking partners, work colleagues, etc., and become inspired to start group cleanses of your own. Email us anytime if you want some guidance or if you have questions and we look forward to featuring your group experience here someday!

xxo, Your Clean Team


From Adrian Kettering, Group Cleanse Leader

West Virginia is one of the most obese states in the nation, and Morgantown, WV was the location of two of the largest group Clean Program cleanses ever in the US.  The first one was in January 2013 with 90 people participating, and the second was in April 2013 with 88 people participating.  Adrian Kettering, a Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Health Coach had done the cleanse in 2011 and 2012, and wanted to share her experience with a larger group of people in 2013.  There are already people signing up for the third group cleanse that does not start until September.

Many people want to do The Clean Program, but feel that it is too difficult to cook the meals.  So Adrian had one of the best restaurants in the region, Sargasso (just voted best fine dining in Morgantown) agree to make vegan, gluten-free lunches and soups for dinner. Chef Simon of Sargasso was enthusiastic and creative, and after reading the Clean book, he created all of his own recipes for the cleanse.  The yoga studio where Adrian works, Bliss Bliss Bliss, offered a three week package to people with three of Adrian’s yoga classes and three support group meetings (one a week of each) along with discounts on massages, yoga private sessions and thai yoga therapy.  The local Co-Op, Mountain People's Co-Op, offered a juicing and smoothie workshop to cleanse participants and weekly tours through the store to familiarize participants with buying in bulk and eating non-processed foods.  In addition, a Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Councelor offered to give participants an Aryuvedic Dosha analysis so they can use specific oils and herbs that match to their particular dosha (body type).  There was even a group skype call with Dr. Junger!

As a result of both cleanse experiences, there have been powerful stories of participants being able to stop taking medication for high blood pressure, allergies, ADD, and insomnia.  It was such a ground-breaking experience for many people who have never truly known what it feels like to eat in a healthy way.  As one person put it, “I have now learned how to feed my body rather than feed my mouth.”  Another said, “I realize that food can be the best medicine or the worst poison.”

Our cleanse also inspired a group in North Carolina where another yoga studio was inspired to start their own group cleanse.  This is an exciting movement for healthy living, and it was all inspired by The Clean Program!  Thank you.


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