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Our Meal Plan makes it easier than ever to eat Clean

by john in Clean Team

One aspect of the Clean Program that can be challenging for some is meal planning. As people get started on Clean, the most pressing question is: “What can I eat?”

You can download the Clean Program Meal Plan here >>

We’ve put together a Sample Meal Plan as a way to show you what 21 days of Clean eating—and cooking—can look like. We gathered lots of recipes, some of our own Clean favorites as well as many others from healthy food blogs to bring you TONS of options! This Meal Plan includes a pre-cleanse menu, meals for vegetarians and meat eaters, shakes, soups, snacks, drinks and more. It’s jam-packed with recipes!

Feel free to make this meal plan work for your own personal lifestyle and schedule. If you’d like, you can follow the meal plan exactly as written, or if this seems like too much, pick and choose your favorite recipes to make this totally customized. For example: make larger portions so you can stretch the meals over a few days or mix and match the recipes different from how they are here.

I would like to give a shout out to the Clean Team members that helped make this project happen. Jessi for her support and tireless calculations, Robert for his keen editing eye, Jenny for her rock star recipes and everyone else who helped with brainstorming, editing, format, and general cheerleading!

We hope this resource will make your cleanse even more tasty, enjoyable and easy. Happy Clean eating, and Bon Appetit!

Click Here to download the Meal Plan.