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My Way: Sheena Mannina

Posted by cleanteam


I am Sheena Mannina, co-founder of Raw Republic, an organic, cold-pressed juice bar and detox boutique located on the historic Magazine Street of New Orleans, Louisiana.

My passion for the clean industry has been developed and deepened through loss, love and life and most of all, an intense interest in learning. I am a truth-seeker and an energy junkie and I devote those drivers to continually evolve Raw Republic and my own spirit.


The first thing I see or smell in the morning when I wake are… my dogs. They remind me each day of the importance to connect with nature, instinct and my own physical needs. Nothing will stop them from stretching, contemplating and resting when need be. They are my inspiration to do the same.

I am obsessed with herbal teas right now. My two amazing Naturopaths, who heal me personally and share their light in Raw Republic, have given guidance on my personal herbal needs. So, I always have a cold herbal tea in the refrigerator which is a general wellness tea of red raspberry, chamomile, dandelion, parsley, hibiscus flower, comfrey, peppermint, spearmint, oatstraw and rosehips, which we sell at Raw Republic. I also have a few other blends for certain times that I mix with warm water and sip on during the day. My ‘supplements', by majority are herbs, changing with the needs of my body, along with a rotational incorporation of probiotics, enzymes, trikatu, bach flower remedies and salts.

Today, I am working in my home office until 1pm when I take on the afternoon shift in the retail area at Raw Republic. Until then, I am answering emails, taking inventory, bookkeeping, social media-ing, and having sunshine breaks while sipping on some green juice I remembered to bring home from Raw Republic last night.


Tonight, we host the Desire Map by Danielle Laporte book club in our nook at Raw Republic. I find that if I schedule an ‘event’ surrounding something I want to accomplish (for example, reading), the accountability to others ensures that it is accomplished. It is also truly a joy to see the positivity being shared and developed in a group setting.



Waking around 5:30-6:00 is important for my daily health. It allows me to participate in my ‘routine’ without angst that I need to get to work immediately. I like to change up my physical activities to incorporate components of nature. Sometimes I ride my bike on the Tammany Trace on the Northshore of New Orleans. Other times, I take nature walks in Jeanne Lafitte national park to connect with the wild and free.


I scrape my tongue, drink warm water or tea, stretch and meditate. My meditation changes, but I am a practicing Vippassana meditator. I am also presently opening my meditation with a soul clearing routine I received in one of my last soul readings.

I could talk about my personal care routine all day every day. It makes me so happy because I really connect with the products and scents I’ve chosen to use. Living Libations beauty line makes my cleansing, massaging and oiling a meaningful, connective and enlightening experience each day. My favorite two products of theirs right now is my Seabuckhorn Best Skin Ever which is the only product I need and use on my face; and the Breast Health Massage Oil with Broccoli Seed Oil, Cumin Seed Oil, Calendula Oil, Saint John’s Wort Blossom Oil infused in Organic Olive Oil, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Rose Otto, Laurel, Cypress, Yarrow, Ylang Ylang, and Chamomile essential oils. It’s truly a party in a bottle and is a happy reminder of the importance of massaging the lymph center of my body!

Tonight, my boyfriend and I made an Ayurvedic inspired meal using all local, organic ingredients via our farmers at Raw Republic or Good Eggs. The dishes included a red lentil and basmati rice pilaf with leeks, carrots, spices and topped with cilantro. MMM! We also made some digestive cookies with tons of cumin, coriander and fennel.



Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday’s at Raw Republic are so fun and alive! My employees and I turn up our Michael Franti Pandora station, make delicious juices, smoothies, shots and foods and have the best day ever with our visitors.


Almost every day at Raw Republic is the best day ever, and how can it not be when the energy inside encourages more of that energy to move in!  The space is grounded with crystals, stones, succulents, and we sage regularly and infuse Solle essential oils through our diffusors depending on the mood we need to bring in to the space on that day. This is my place of work and because I spend so much time here, I make an effort to make it comfortable, warm, happy and full of life and love.

This afternoon I have an event with the Guerlin spa at The Roosevelt Hotel downtown. I am hoping to make it to a Pure Barre or yoga class before then! Wish me luck!


It’s always a balance of space and time, intention and present needs, but it’s always fun and miraculous when you choose to see it this way.

Thank you for spending these past three days with me. This is my way. Make yours your own, and be happy.

Visit Sheena at Raw Republic or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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