Quick Dilly Beans

by jenny in Recipes

We love this quick and easy recipe for semi-preserving the bounty of each season. You can vary the vegetable as well as the spices used but this one is a delicious classic that we can’t get enough of. A wonderfully healthy snack, or addition to salads, I find myself eating these out of the jar like […]


Why I Take Vitamin D3 in the Summer

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  If ten patients walked into my office today, I know that nine of them would be deficient in vitamin D. So when a patient recently asked me if they needed to supplement with vitamin D3 in the summer, my answer was, “Yes.” It may seem strange but most of us, even […]


Hard Boiled and Stuffed Eggs

by jenny in Recipes

Hard boiled eggs are an amazing snack and make for great summer picnic food. And when they’re stuffed, they make an elegant addition to any dinner party. Whenever the Clean chefs make a variation of stuffed hard boiled eggs, they’re gone in a flash! Try one, or all, of the three filling options we’ve shared: a spread from […]


The Big Three: Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  Ask yourself this question: can I live without certain foods or drinks? For many of us, imagining the start of our day without caffeine, the middle of the day without sugar, and the end of the day without alcohol, may seem unfathomable. These three – caffeine, sugar, and alcohol – […]


Quinoa Salad with Spring Vegetables

by jenny in Recipes

Quick and easy, this dish is perfect for dinner, summer picnics, parties and BBQ’s. It travels and keeps well, so make a large batch and enjoy it for a few days. Feel free to use whatever vegetables and herbs are available locally or in your own garden. For Cleanse, Gut and Refresh Serves 4 (as […]

How to Test for Your Toxic Triggers

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger, here. I’ve found that consuming Toxic Trigger  foods too often is one of the main reasons why people do not feel their best, even when they’re eating a mostly clean diet. Today I want to show you how to test for your Toxic Triggers and then what to do with the […]


Chicken Braised in Coconut Milk with Asparagus Spears

by jenny in Recipes

Cooking the chicken in coconut milk gives a wonderful flavor and texture to the recipe. It’s also the perfect picnic food, easy to pack and you don’t need utensils to enjoy it. Served as finger food with the asparagus spears, it’s like a uniquely delicious twist on fish and chips! For Cleanse, Gut and Refresh Serves two […]



by jenny in Recipes

Broccolini is a slightly bitter cruciferous, perfect for spring cleanses. An antioxidant packed side dish, this is elegant and delicious. Watch kids and those who aren’t normally fans of regular broccoli gobble this one up! For Cleanse, Gut, Refresh serves 2 as a side   Ingredients 1 bunch broccolini 3 garlic cloves, sliced thin ¼ cup roughly […]


What are your Toxic Triggers?

by cleanteam in Clean Cleanse

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here. A patient recently asked me: “I eat mostly clean but I still don’t feel great. What is going on?” We know that there are so many reasons that a person may not feel great. Sometimes it’s a physical reason, sometimes it’s a psychological or spiritual reason, and most of the […]


Whole Roasted Fish

by jenny in Recipes

This beautiful presentation is also incredibly delicious and packed with balancing omega 3′s and protein. A meal that’s good for the body and the soul, especially when everyone eats off the same serving plate, connecting over food fresh from the nourishing ocean. For Cleanse, Gut and Refresh serves 2 prep time: 20 minutes cook time:20 minutes Ingredients 1 […]