My Way: Sheena Mannina

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I am Sheena Mannina, co-founder of Raw Republic, an organic, cold-pressed juice bar and detox boutique located on the historic Magazine Street of New Orleans, Louisiana. My passion for the clean industry has been developed and deepened through loss, love and life and most of all, an intense interest in learning. I am a truth-seeker […]

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Clean Eats is a NY Times Best Seller!

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Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  I have some big news to share with you. Clean Eats, our new recipe book, is officially a New York Times Best Seller! We couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy and helped us get the word out. An important part of this book is […]


Salad for Dinner

by jenny in Recipes

A salad for dinner? Is that really a big enough meal with everything you need? Absolutely. If done right, a salad can be a very filling entree, full of nutrients, healthy fats, protein and fiber. Everything you need for digestion and fuel. We’ve made a Clean Chef staple here, but there are literally thousands of […]


Is it time for a cleanse?

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  Now that we are well into spring, there is hardly a better time to support our body with a cleanse. After a long winter of reduced movement and sunshine and increased heavy holiday foods, spring presents a perfect opportunity to support our bodies natural cleansing process, shed some pounds, and […]

butternut squash soup-16

Butternut Squash Soup

by jenny in Recipes

Creamy and delicious, this vibrant soup is packed with nutrition and makes for a satisfying meal, whether or not you’re on a cleanse. Winter squash boosts immunity, is anti-inflammatory, contains B vitamins and folate, and is good for the heart, digestion and your eyes. So eat up and be well! For Cleanse, Gut and Refresh makes 2 […]

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Isn’t Clean Eating Expensive?

by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here. One of the biggest criticisms of eating clean is the idea that clean food is expensive and unaffordable. The challenge with a lot of the criticism is that it is often misguided. Sure, if we compare the immediate cost of eating clean to the immediate cost of eating junk, eating […]


Cumin Roasted Carrots

by jenny in Recipes

This is one of the loveliest and most delicious side dishes I’ve had. Simple is often best, and this is a great example. You can try this with other vegetables too, like parsnips or Brussels sprouts. . . anything roasted and well-seasoned will be wonderful. For Cleanse and Refresh (with modification for Gut) serves 2-4 […]


Gluten Explained

by cleanteam in Clean Cleanse

Gluten is one of the hottest health topics these days. But what exactly is gluten and how is it affecting our health? There are lots of theories out there and also lots of confusion. In this 7-minute video, Dr. Junger teaches us how to figure out for ourselves if gluten works for us. What is […]


Dinner Omelette

by jenny in Recipes

Everyone loves having “breakfast for dinner”, so enjoy this omelette as a protein and nutrient dense dinner on the Gut program, or an actual breakfast/brunch anytime! Vary the ingredients based on what’s in your fridge, garden or at the local farmers’ market. This could also be called the kitchen sink omelette, because it’s a great way to use […]

artichoke dip-2

Artichoke Dip

by jenny in Recipes

This goes perfectly with the Torpitas or Poppy Dill Crackers or as a salad topping, or with a spoon out of the bowl! It’s another one of those really delicious recipes that’s super versatile and perfect for every cleanse program. Bring it to a party, boost up the heartiness of a vegetarian salad or serve it […]