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Profile of a Clean and Green Mom: Shannon Sinkin

Posted by cleanteam

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This feature is definitely going to become a staple here on the Clean Blog; all profiles in general, but especially of Clean Team Members, so you can meet the crew that works to keep you informed, supported and inspired as you cleanse and beyond! We're also psyched to share snapshots into the lives of Clean and Green parents everywhere, both team and community members. Raising the next generation of responsible and healthy citizens of our planet is a tough job and deserves a whole lot of support. It's also super fun, as one of our amazing Wellness Coaches will be the first to attest to, so welcome Shannon, a Clean Wellness Coach and mom to the adorable Jonah! Whether you have kids or not, we know you'll enjoy these snapshots into our community.

Q: Along with being a mom, how else would you define your employment (paid or unpaid)?
I am a wellness coach for the amazing Clean program.  So honored and blessed that this is my "job". Although not necessarily my employment - super passionate about cooking, local food and just about any DIY craft I can get my hands on.

Q: Best part about being a mom?
Watching my son discover the world and develop into his own person.  

Q: What does Jonah love to eat?
We are very fortunate that eats lots of things! He has a very sophisticated palate.   Olives, beans, blueberries, sweet potato, kale, salmon, curry chicken salad - I am amazed at some of the things he eats. I also do a lot of baking for him - paleo style using almond meal and coconut flour for some great gluten free pancakes, muffins and bread.

Q: What does he get the most excited about?
Stairs, holes, obstacles of any kind. Balls, music and food!

Q: What are some tips for raising a baby as eco-friendly as possible?
This is some of what I have done so far. Breastfed. Using cloth diapers. Minimize chemicals in the home and in personal care products. Minimize plastic - from food storage to toys. Feed organic (and local). Made my own baby food when possible. Many of these things may cost a bit more in time and money up front, but many end up being cheaper in the longer run and when you calculate health and environmental costs in, most of these options are way cheaper. The most important thing really is to live authentically and in line with your beliefs, but also stay flexible and open.  It can be easy to become dogmatic about some of this stuff and cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Be open to what works for you and your baby. Before I had Jonah, I was very opinionated about all the things I was going to do and not do. Many of the things have worked out wonderfully like cloth diapers and organic food, but others didn't work for us like co-sleeping and constant baby "wearing".

Q: Cloth or disposable?
Cloth mostly. One Seventh Generation disposal at night. Cloth diapers right now are so amazing. I honestly think they work better than the disposable. I will also save over $1,000 in the 2 to 3 years Jonah is in diapers.

Q: Do you have a garden?
Sadly not yet, although I have high hopes for this summer. I belong to a winter and summer CSA (community supported agriculture) which is almost as good.

Q: What is your ideal weekend?
Making amazing food for good family and friends. I would seriously have a dinner party every night if I could. Getting to sleep in a little (like 7am). Warm sunshine. Being by the ocean in one of my favorite places - Maine. Being active, but also getting lots of relaxing time too.  Laughing a lot.

Q: What was the last thing you ate?
I had a smoothie with chocolate Nourish, flax seed, frozen blueberries, 1/2 apple, coconut manna, fish oil and spinach

A lifelong scholar of health and wellness, Shannon draws from her professional and personal experiences with holistic medicine and nutrition to help guide and support the Clean community. She feels very fortunate to be able to share the journeys of so many people while they work towards optimal health and vitality. Shannon is our in-house Mama bear, having given birth to a beautiful baby boy last year. She is highly knowledgable about how to live "cleanly" with a family. Passionate about local food and sustainable living, she sees clean living as extending beyond what we eat to include our homes, work environment and products we use. She's moved from coast to coast to receive degrees in Human Ecology and Landscape Architecture and now resides in upstate New York.


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