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The Many Pieces of the Puzzle

Posted by cleanteam

MG puzzle updated

Welcome back Meghan Goyer, Clean Team member and guest blogger, continuing to share her journey with cleansing, quantum toxins and becoming whole.

We all want to be healthy, it’s why you’re here reading this blog!  When something is healthy, it’s whole or complete. Through a cleansing program, we can begin to find our physical balance and restore the wholeness in our bodies, but  physical health is just one type of health, one part of a bigger picture. To be healthy, on a large scale, involves balancing the various areas of life that each of us find important.  When these interrelated areas are balanced, we are working as one complete entity.  When such togetherness is achieved, we experience all of life as an interconnected web, becoming more aware of the larger wholeness which we are a crucial part of. It becomes easier to make decisions and set clear intentions, because we’re more in touch with our intuition, that inner voice that nudges you (sometimes not so gently and sometimes very softly) into action.

When we practice wholeness, it becomes apparent where we need to focus our attention, and we are able to direct our energy to those places.  Being able to direct and focus our attention is huge, because without it, our minds begin to wander all over the place, and where they go isn't always constructive or pleasant.  When what Dr. Junger calls our "monkey minds" tease us like this, stress is the result.  We all know that reducing stress has physical benefits as well as mental, so by practicing wholeness and being able to come back to the present moment, we are also helping our body and mind achieve a greater level of health.

We’ve previously discussed quantum toxins, which are the negative effects of stress.  They often influence more than we realize and show up in our bad habits and moods, directly influencing our health and well-being. Quantum toxins are incredibly distracting.  They pull our attention away from the present moment (which we know is the best place to try and remain). Practicing wholeness helps us become aware of these quantum toxins, noticing what triggers them and how they operate in our daily lives. This gives us a chance to be intentional about re-directing our attention to where it's useful.

We can find wholeness everywhere. Each of us as an individual has our own unique wholeness and unique way of relating to the rest of the world. It’s essential to first consider our personal relation to wholeness if we are to work on bringing the parts of the whole into balance.  We must first practice wholeness on our own if we are ever to achieve wholeness together as a world community.

So how do we do this?

I’ve compiled a list of general categories that work together to encompass the areas of my own personal life, contributing to my balanced whole. I didn’t come up with these on my own; I was led to them by many people at various times in my life, using many different pre-defined categories.  I encourage you to use this list as a guide to identify your own categories of what wholeness means for you.  You may find that this list is complete as it is, or you may feel that you want to add or remove categories.  It could also be helpful to take one category and break it down into two or three.

  •  Nutrition
  •  Spirituality
  •  Conscious Awareness  (awareness, intuition and authenticity, mind-body connection)
  •  Creative Energy (music, art, movies, etc.)
  •  Movement /Exercise
  •  Relationships/Communication (connection with others)
  •  Physical Environment
  •  Professional development /Work
  •  Money
  •  Community Involvement
  •  Fun
  •  Hobbies
  •  Wilderness Connection /Nature

Identifying the parts that make up wholeness for you is the first step.  What follows is taking a look at each category on its own, to assess it’s role in your life now, and how you can work to bring it into more harmony with the others.

When practicing wholeness, it is important to keep in mind that it does not mean perfection.  It does not mean being happy and balanced all the time. This is a constant journey for each of us which means that we’re always working towards that balance. Sometimes the work will be difficult, but that is essential, for it is part of the process of getting to the good stuff, the things that make us smile and feel compassion, inspiration, love, joy and peace. Practicing wholeness is about being present with all of the journeys and transitions in life. It asks us to step back and see the bigger picture of how everything has its place, and how we fall into that gigantic puzzle.

In my following blog posts, I will address more of the individual areas above and share some of my experiences; ways I’ve found to work at being in balance with the whole and what that means to me, hopefully encouraging you to find your own unique expressions.

Until then, I hope to inspire you to practice becoming aware of the many areas that are important to your own unique balance in your own unique life!

Meghan Goyer is involved with customer support and project development as part of the Clean team. She's from Athens, GA where she received an M.A. in religion from the University of Georgia, where she also studied religion and painting as an undergrad. Her studies focused on ritual and how it can be used intentionally as a tool for healing in our world today. Meghan’s passion for healing is also reflected in her yoga practice and teaching, work with interfaith dialogue, community building, non-violent communication, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, creativity, spirituality, mindfulness, and nutrition. She believes that health is a multifaceted big picture, and that in addition to promoting a cleaner world through living a clean lifestyle, love and fun are both super important parts of good health, and she encourages them widely.


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