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The Wellness Corner: Pregnancy, Nursing and Clean

Posted by cleanteam


by Shannon Sinkin, Clean Wellness Coach

Cleansing is a wonderful way to prepare for a new baby, but is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mommas. Also, please do not actively try to conceive until the cleanse is complete.  I did a cleanse a few weeks prior to conceiving my son in February 2010.  I had several reasons to believe I may have trouble conceiving, and although I can’t say the cleanse was the reason I conceived so easily, I do feel that it helped prepare my body to have a very successful pregnancy, birth and beautiful baby boy.


There are 3 reasons cleanses are not recommended for pregnancy or breastfeeding:


1. It may not be enough calories to support pregnancy or nursing.  If you do incorporate a daily liquid meal, you want to make sure to add protein powder to it (such as in a smoothie) or make sure to get adequate protein through out the rest of your day.  Protein and adequate calorie intake are very important for pregnancy.


2. As toxins are released and eliminated from the body, the baby can potentially be exposed to them.  Cleansing in general - our program or not - is really not a good idea during pregnancy for this reason.


3. Some of the products haven't been adequately tested and approved for pregnant women and developing fetuses.  This is of course if you are using our kit version of the cleanse - less of an issue if you are doing the book version, but still something to think about if you add any of your own supplements.


There are definitely aspects of the program that you could do while pregnant that are very healthy.  Eating from the elimination diet and incorporating in a daily liquid meal are both wonderful and safe.


As an example of how to live CLEANly during your pregnancy, here is what I did while pregnant:


1. Prenatal vitamins

2. EPA-DHA (fish oil) supplement. There is a lot of information about how critical omega 3s are to so many aspects of a developing fetus.

3. Stuck closely to the elimination diet

4. Incorporate a liquid meal or smoothie most days. I had a smoothie every day for breakfast (or occasionally dinner). I made mine with fresh fruits, nut butter or avocado, a little stevia or local, raw honey, hemp or nut milk, hemp protein powder and ground flax seed.

5. Daily probiotic.


Dr Junger and his wife also had a little boy in the fall of 2010.  Here is a link to an article he wrote on what they did to prepare:


Of course it is always a good idea to work speak with your OB/midwife before you begin or add anything.

Just by doing the elimination diet and incorporating a daily liquid meal, you will be doing wonderful things for yourself and your baby. I wouldn't go any further than this as you really don't want to stimulate a full cleansing response and have toxins being released and moving about your body when pregnant.

I am still following a similar plan as pregnancy for my nursing protocol.

Happy pregnancy!  It is an amazing, intense and beautiful experience.





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