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How To Solve the Top 3 Cleanse Challenges

Posted by cleanteam


A cleanse can do wonders for your health and spirit. Our January Group Cleanse participants shared with us last week their amazing results.

But doing the cleanse is a big lifestyle shift for most people. We change how we eat, what we eat, and pay attention to the products we use. When we do this, we quickly bump up against our addictions, emotional dependencies, and the habits that no longer serve us.

The process can go very deep and it’s not uncommon for people to experience emotional releases as well as new clarity about their life.

So what do we do when there’s a challenge during our cleanse?

This week, I want to share with you the top three challenges from our Group Cleanse and how our community solved them.

#1 Lack of Preparation

The number one challenge mentioned in our survey of Group Cleanse participants was lack of preparation for the cleanse diet. This means that people had more trouble when they hadn’t purchased enough clean food or couldn’t find the shakes and supplements needed.

“The only big challenge I had was getting prepared. I used the book not the kit and had a few challenges finding all the supplements and a protein powder that I could tolerate.”

Solution: We’ll do everything in our power to get you prepared for the cleanse. If you use the Clean Kit, you’ll have all the shakes, supplements, and manuals in one convenient package. If you follow the Clean Book, use our supplement and recipe guides. You can also give us a call, email, or book a free appointment with a wellness coach to make sure you have everything you need before you start.

#2 Letting Go of Foods

We all have different food routines. Some people like eating certain foods when they are stressed or after a long day at work. Other people need coffee to start their day and wine to wind down. Changing these food routines even for a few weeks can be tough, especially during social situations.

Remember that the real benefit of removing these items is to understand what role they play in our lives and whether or not they are supporting the way we want to feel and the life we want to live.

"Wine was the hardest thing for me to give up in social situations. I failed a couple of times and succeeded a couple of times. Discovering Kombucha helped!"

“I never realized how habit-forming my breakfast had become. Initially, it wasn't difficult but around the middle of the the 21-day program, I really struggled. All I wanted was a couple of eggs and a piece of toast with butter.”

Solution: One of the simplest ways to work with cravings is to make sure you are eating enough clean foods. Spend the first few days on the cleanse exploring foods that you think you will like, and when you find them, make sure to eat enough. If you don't, you'll notice more cravings and more emotional ups and downs.

#3 Emotional Ups and Downs

Our emotional life is one of the first areas to get triggered when we do the cleanse. Not only can we experience emotions around removing certain foods, but it’s not uncommon that deeper emotions rise to the surface.

Without the typical numbing practices of junk foods to fall back on, many of us may experience feelings we haven’t felt in a while. The clarity produced by the cleanse can help us work through these emotions but it can also make them more intense.

“There wasn't just one. Challenges came in phases. First, it was mindset. I had to get my mind wrapped around this cleanse. Reading the book (over and over) helped with that. Next for me was, what I lovingly call, "the grumps"! About 4 days into it, I got really grumpy and pissy!!!  That lasted about 4 days. I was just mean! Next, was my pride. This came 2 weeks into it. I felt better than everyone because I was so disciplined! I told everyone what to do and how to do it! I'm sure people were sick of me!”

Solution: Emotional ups and downs are part of life, but they can seem more intense on a cleanse. The more we allow ourselves to experience the emotion fully, the more quickly it will change.

If you notice a strong feeling arising and you’re able to find a private space, take a few minutes to let yourself experience whatever you feel. There are no right or wrong feelings. When you allow the feeling to be experienced, you’ll most likely find some important message and insight buried underneath.

Final Words

While most people have a positive experience on the cleanse, some people need more support. Make sure to contact us if you have issues or questions, so we can help you get the care you need.

P.S. I want to share with you a few more comments from people who just finished our group cleanse.

Visible Changes

“My fingernails are long and strong not usual when I am on an unhealthy diet. They are visible ways that I can tell if the cleanse has been a success.”

Finding Balance

“I'm clearer, more balanced, and happier than I've been in a long time. Doing the Cleanse helped me achieve this quickly. I'm taking what I've learned and building on it by seeking the best insight to the emotional aspects of my eating, exercise solutions, and supplements. Thank you Dr. Junger and the Clean Team for everything, your website and support have been fantastic.”

A Good Time

THANK YOU! This has been one of the very nice experiences in my life (I'm 48 years old).”


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