Blueberry Stone-Fruit Crumble

Posted by cleanteam

This is a great way to enjoy the abundance of summer stone fruit and berries. The protein and healthy fats in the almonds and coconut (as well as the cinnamon) help keep blood sugar levels stable, but berries and stone fruit are generally lower in sugar than other fruit anyway. This is a perfect summer dessert, a delicious part of your cleanse lunch, and will be a hit at dinner parties, birthday parties, or as a post-cleanse breakfast. Enjoy!

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Purple Mason Jar Shake

Posted by cleanteam

I’m loving two things these days: early morning workouts and a super quick post workout breakfast shake. Inspired by an Animal Collective song “Purple Bottle“, (it's nearly impossible to stay still when you hear it) and my favorite shake, I’ve put them together and created the "Purple Mason Jar", since I tend to drink my shakes out of mason jars. It’s as high-energy as the song, both in taste and the ingredients. This shake makes sure you get a large dose of antioxidants, good fats, plant-based protein, and an extra kick of greens. The tahini adds a great flavor and slows down the sugar release from the blueberries. Although berries in general are much lower in sugar and high in beneficial fiber which is perfect for all of our programs.

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