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How to Make the Ultimate Chicken and Spinach Dish

Posted by cleanteam

This chicken and spinach dish made anything but ordinary with an unexpected ingredient, fresh mango. Clean Chef Frank Giglio offers this exceptionally easy and incredibly delicious meal. It works as lunch for anyone on the 21-Day Clean Program, and it’s a great healthy recipe for any other time. Make this chicken and spinach dish for your family’s dinner if you’re sticking to liquids at night; you can have the leftovers for lunch the next day. Frank also gives you a vegetarian option, using chickpeas, which is equally as tasty!

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The Chicken Salad Recipe That Will Help You Relax

Posted by cleanteam

Clean Chef Franky G has given us a wonderful variation to chicken salad. The added lavender makes the chicken salad a summery delight for your taste buds! Not only does this herb add a lovely flavor, it’s relaxing, strengthening and uplifting.

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Topics: chicken salad, Clean Eats, Clean Program, lunch


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