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Slow Cooked Chicken with Squash and Sage

Posted by cleanteam

As the weather turns colder, we welcome recipes like this. Comforting and melt-in-your-mouth flavorful, it's definitely a favourite of both Clean Chefs and everyone we make it for!
We know you'll enjoy this one, and the countless variations that are possible.
Next week, we'll
 show you a delicious way to use up any leftovers from a meal like this, equally as delicious.
Chefs' Note: It's okay and cleanse-friendly to use white wine in cooking since the sugar and alcohol cooks off. Cheers! 

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Brown Rice Pilaf

Posted by cleanteam

This is a delicious dish that requires very little prep time. The bulk of the time involved in this recipe is hands-free, just letting the flavors mingle and the rice cook in the oven! Another very easily switched up recipe, use any spices you like, and feel free to add veggies or chicken if you want. We'll give you more variations every so often, changing the basic recipe for the seasons. Enjoy, as this one makes the whole house smell insanely good!

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