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Local Vegetable Frittata

Posted by cleanteam

This recipe is simple to pull together in a few minutes no matter what's in your fridge. It's made with easy to find local ingredients such as pastured eggs and vegetables. We love this recipe because it's protein and nutrient-packed, can feed a crowd, and supports local farmers.

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Topics: coconut milk, dinner, pastured, protein, breakfast, Clean Life, clean gut, eggs, free-range, frittata, greens, herbs, lunch, omega-3s, refresh

Almond Butter Berry Shake

Posted by cleanteam

You'll have one word for this summery treat: YUM. Loved by kids and grownups alike, this is a decadent tasting yet incredibly nutritious meal that works anytime of the day or night. A great way to energize your morning, kickstart your lunch-on-the-go, or makes the perfect cleansing dinner. Switch the blackberries for raspberries or peaches or blueberries for an equally yummy blend, blend it up and go have a blast!

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Topics: almond butter, cleanse, coconut milk, dinner, shakes, smoothie, stevia, blackberries, breakfast, Clean Eats, Clean Program, Frank Giglio, liquid meal, lunch, maca, vanilla


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