Blueberry Stone-Fruit Crumble

Posted by cleanteam

This is a great way to enjoy the abundance of summer stone fruit and berries. The protein and healthy fats in the almonds and coconut (as well as the cinnamon) help keep blood sugar levels stable, but berries and stone fruit are generally lower in sugar than other fruit anyway. This is a perfect summer dessert, a delicious part of your cleanse lunch, and will be a hit at dinner parties, birthday parties, or as a post-cleanse breakfast. Enjoy!

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Blackberry and Apple Cobbler

Posted by cleanteam

A gluten and oat free crumble that satisfies any cravings for a yummy treat! You can serve this warm as an allergy-friendly (and sugar-free) dessert, an elimination diet breakfast, or as part of your midday solid meal. It's nutritious and naturally sweet with endless possibilities. You can use other fruits like pears, raspberries, plums, cherries, blueberries, or try different spices and nuts. Let your creativity and what’s available at your local farmers’ markets spark new and delightful variations, and of course we always love hearing from you in the comments!

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