My Life as a Gluten-Free Girl: How I made the shift

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I previously mentioned that avoiding gluten is one of my top daily doʼs for managing my auto-immune disease, Hashimotoʼs thyroiditis. “Gluten-free” is becoming quite the diet buzzword these days, so I wanted to dig into this a bit more and explore why going gluten-free is important for me and how it plays into my diet.

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Jessi's Story. . .An Evolving Health Journey

Posted by cleanteam

We're happy to continue featuring the health journey of Clean Wellness Coach Jessi, who's incredibly sweet and open enough to share what's going on in her life, how she got where she is now. . . and most importantly where she's going from here. We all learn so much from each other, inspiration comes from so many different places and we are supported and soothed by the stories of our fellow seekers. We hope you find some words here to inspire and nourish you!

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