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Antioxidant Foods that Increase Metabolism

Posted by cleanteam

Foods that increase metabolism are high on our cleanse shopping list. As the weather gets warmer, our desire to lose that excess belly fat becomes stronger. We have chosen two proven foods that increase metabolism to include as part of our new all-organic antioxidant blend found in our 21-Day Cleanse.

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Will a Cleanse Help Me Lose Weight?

Posted by cleanteam


Weight loss is a concern for a lot of people embarking on their first Clean Program cleanse. They wonder, will a cleanse help me lose weight? If you have weight to lose, you most likely will. That said, we encourage you to focus more on making better choices for your health, and less on the number on the scale. Healthy weight loss is a natural by-product of removing any foods and substances that hinder your progress, and adopting better long-term habits -- including adequate sleep, and movement and exercise. Weight loss is just one piece of the overall health puzzle.

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