Almond Butter Berry Shake

Posted by cleanteam

You'll have one word for this summery treat: YUM. Loved by kids and grownups alike, this is a decadent tasting yet incredibly nutritious meal that works anytime of the day or night. A great way to energize your morning, kickstart your lunch-on-the-go, or makes the perfect cleansing dinner. Switch the blackberries for raspberries or peaches or blueberries for an equally yummy blend, blend it up and go have a blast!

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Fastest Meal Ever

Posted by cleanteam

We're all busy. As much as we preach (and try to practice) slowing down, cooking meals for yourself and your family, sometimes we just need some quick energy or something easy to travel with. Occasionally we need a meal that can be consumed while catching up on emails or making the kids their lunch. Of course, this isn't the ideal way to eat, and we hope it's not an everyday occurrence, but sometimes it's our only option and isn't it better to eat something packed with nutrition, rather than grabbing processed or packaged junk? I definitely think so. This is my  personal go-to meal when I want something nourishing, easily assimilated and digested, substantial but not heavy, energizing and super quick to make. I drink it slowly from a glass mason jar (hopefully without multi-tasking too much) and am energized for yoga or a long dog walk soon after. Try it out, make your own delicious combinations, and as always, we'd love to hear what your unique twists are, so leave your comments below!

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