Four Plant Based Recipes

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"You just can't get all the phytonutrients you need to thrive without eating lots of colorful fruits and veggies."
- Alejandro Junger, M.D.

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Paprika Dusted Summer Vegetable Rounds

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Made with summer vegetables, these are like soft chips, roasted to perfection and super addictive but don't worry, there's no harm in eating your fill of them. They're entirely healthy and family friendly, yippee! I make huge batches when there's an abundance of summer squash and put them on salads, use in egg dishes (post cleanse of course), on gluten free pizza, as a french-fry-esque side dish, as a healthy snack. . . no matter how they're used, they always disappear instantly!

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Almond Butter Chip Cookies

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Missing peanut butter or chocolate chips? Looking for a “clean” treat to share with your kids or bring to a gathering? These tasty morsels are packed with protein and fiber, as well as heart-healthy raw cacao, and made completely without flour or eggs. If you're on the cleanse or sensitive to peanut butter, the almond butter is the perfect substitution and everyone who's tried these LOVES the flavor! My favorite way to eat these; put in the freezer with coconut ice cream sandwiched between. Yum.

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