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Tropical Waffles

Posted by cleanteam

Summer is in full swing everywhere and that means the kids are out of school, and there are beach adventures, road trips, visitors and celebrations. There are lazy summer mornings as well as jam-packed days. This means you need fuel for all of the above and these are my absolute favorite. Waffles are fun and celebratory, perfect for family brunches, breakfast for dinner, unique desserts or you can even freeze them to use as needed for snacks on the go. They only require a waffle iron (available in many different sizes and prices, I've seen them for as little as 20 dollars), and they hold a variety of toppings OR you can put the toppings right inside the waffles as we've done here.

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Chocolate Mousse

Posted by cleanteam

A crowd pleasing sweet treat that's actually packed with nutrition, this chocolate mousse will be a hit wherever and whenever you serve it. If you keep the main ingredient secret, almost no one will guess that it's avocados that give this mousse body and creamy texture. Watch kids scarf it down and ask for more, not realizing there's actually green goodness in it. .  . and plenty of healthy fat to keep the body energized and metabolism fired up. A dessert or snack that's great for the skin, nails and hair too. All around yummy.

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