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Paprika Dusted Summer Vegetable Rounds

Posted by cleanteam

Made with summer vegetables, these are like soft chips, roasted to perfection and super addictive but don't worry, there's no harm in eating your fill of them. They're entirely healthy and family friendly, yippee! I make huge batches when there's an abundance of summer squash and put them on salads, use in egg dishes (post cleanse of course), on gluten free pizza, as a french-fry-esque side dish, as a healthy snack. . . no matter how they're used, they always disappear instantly!

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A Clean Gluten Free Girl's Zucchini Muffins

Posted by cleanteam

As I've embarked on this gluten free journey, from time to time I miss good old fashioned baked goods. Many gluten free options you find in the stores are filled with tons of ingredients, fillers, and sugar, so I've been experimenting on my own. I've had more than a few failed attempts, learning the hard way that anything you bake with garbanzo bean flour will taste like falafel. I've also had some pleasant surprises, and this recipe for a savory muffin takes the (gluten-free) cake.  It's definitely become a staple in my kitchen!

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