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Weird things BPA does to your body

Posted by cleanteam


Do you remember all the talk about the problems with BPA plastic a few years ago? Well, numerous studies have been released recently that show these problems are real. BPA has been found to erode teeth, reduce sex drive in men, add fat to our bodies, and cause heart irregularities.

So how do we reduce our exposure?

BPA or bisphenol A is found in plastics, in the lining of most canned foods and drinks, and on cash register receipts. The best ways to get away from BPA are to use glass or stainless steel for water bottles, fresh and frozen veggies instead of canned, and to minimize touching paper receipts because the BPA in them is absorbed through the skin.

+ Dhru Purohit, CEO of Clean, wears latex gloves when sorting receipts. Our friend Dr. Oz recommends that pregnant women avoid touching paper receipts at all.

+ BPA-free plastic products may have even more problems. Check out how replacement plastics may be just as crappy. Moral of the story? Minimize plastics.

+ Most plastics leach hormone-like chemicals, even if they are BPA-free. Listen to this NPR podcast about what happened when 450 plastics products were tested.

 Photo Credit: Ben Tutton


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