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Why Growing A Mustache Can Improve Your Health

Posted by cleanteam

It’s Movember (or No-Shave November) -- a playful way to raise awareness about men’s health issues. Men all over the world will ditch their razors, grow out their mustaches and beards, and educate each other about how to lead healthier, balanced lives.

For the men in our community (and those who love them), this is our manly cheat sheet to get them motivated about their health.

  • Life expectancy is about 6 years less than that of women.
  • Four times as many men die from suicide as women.
  • 1 in 3 adult men have cardiovascular disease in one form or another.
  • Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men.

6 Ways Men Can Improve Their Health

The good news is that men can take back their health by following some simple health principles.

#1 Eat Clean: Focus 80-90% of your diet on eating clean whole foods especially fruits and vegetables. These foods create the environment for good health and provide the phytonutrients that fight cancer. If you’re not eating enough vegetables, simply add Clean Greens to water or a shake once a day.

#2 Do the Clean Program: The Clean Program is designed to give your body a powerful reset. Following the program will address many of the health issues concerning men and set you on a course for good health, long term. Don’t have 21-Days? Try the 7-Day Program.

#3 Sleep: We often forget that sleep is the cheapest and most powerful wellness tool we have. Sufficient amounts of sleep (8-9 Hours) is associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases, accidents as well as weight loss and mental clarity.

#4 Exercise: Movement is crucial to reducing chronic diseases facing men, improving mood, and encouraging better eating habits. Incorporate strength training workouts each week as well as cardio. Use the Daily Shake to power you up pre- or post-workout.

#5 Drink Less: According to the CDC, men have higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations. Binge drinking makes people prone to aggression . Excessive drinking also increases the risk of cancer, interferes with hormone production, and can reduce sex drive. Forget to heed this advice and have a headache from drinking? Try Eliminate.

#6 Stay Supported: Men and boys are constantly encouraged to tough it out and not ask for help. But a holistic doctor, a therapist if needed, and active, caring friends can make all the difference for your health. For men 50 or over, annual prostate exams are a must, earlier if it runs in your family.

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