The best vegetarian sources of protein

As most vegetarians and vegans know, the number one question usually asked is, “How do you get your protein?” As long as a healthy diet full of a variety of foods is maintained, including the right vegetables, finding vegetarian sources of protein isn’t a struggle.

A Delightful Bibimbap Great for Vegetarians

Have you ever tried this Korean dish called Bibimbap before? After finishing up a 21-Day Clean Program, we’re celebrating with a healthy dose of this delicious post-cleanse dish. Nightshades are not allowed on the cleanse, but we love adding spice when we are not cleansing, especially when it involves a ton of veggies!

The best 13 high-protein snacks

The Clean Program follows the anti-inflammatory Clean Eating Meal Program — a list of foods to exclude and include during the 21-Day Program. Here are some delicious high-protein snacks approved for cleansing and beyond.

Blueberry smoothie recipe that tastes like pie

Adding quinoa to this blueberry smoothie recipe is an amazing way to add nutrients and a unique flavor. With the combination of the quinoa and berries, this smoothie ends up tasting like blueberry pie. It’s perfect for getting more choosy family or friends to eat more greens and whole grains too.

How to easily transition to being plant-based

You’ve committed to healthier eating, and you’re ready to get started–that’s great! While transitioning to a plant-based diet from standard American fare may seem daunting at first, it can be a doable, delicious, and exciting process. Keep in mind that everyone is a bit different, and may require various approaches to transitioning their diet.

What are the best foods for skin health?

Creams, serums, and lotions can do great things for keeping your skin youthful, healthy, and glowing, but nothing is more powerful for your skin than eating the right foods. Even the most high-end skincare miracle can’t undo the nutritional deficit incurred by poor dietary choices. Periodic and ongoing cleansing, combined with probiotics and skin-promoting foods, will transform your …

Asparagus and garlic quinoa bowl

We love a quinoa bowl as a heartier version of lunchtime salads. You can squeeze in just as many nutrient-dense vegetables, but the grain base helps make the meal more satisfying. You can rotate the ingredients as seasons change, simply using this recipe as a guideline that will work year-round.