The Top 10 Health Benefits of Ginger


Ginger root has long been used as a medicinal food, and no wonder, with the health benefits of ginger ranging from pain relief to calming an upset stomach. This powerful anti-inflammatory not only has effective medicinal health benefits, but it’s tasty, too! Check out the top 10 health benefits of ginger to find out how and why we make ginger part of our regular routine.


Ginger is probably best known for its ability to soothe an upset stomach. At the top of our list, the possible health benefits of ginger for digestion:

1. Calms nausea – Ginger is a traditional natural remedy for nausea and indigestion that still holds up today. Sipping ginger tea or a fresh ginger juice when you have an upset stomach can quickly help to calm your tummy trouble.
2. Reduces gas & bloating – Ginger supports good digestion by stimulating enzyme production and helps move food through your system, thus preventing that full stomach feeling from bloating and the consequent flatulence.


Another health benefit of ginger is its pain-relieving prowess. A potent anti-inflammatory, ginger offers powerful pain relief, particularly for the following:

3. Menstrual cramps – The anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic nature of ginger makes it a great natural alternative to over-the-counter pain relief during menstruation.
4. Sore muscles – Go a little too hard on leg day? Ginger may help to relieve sore muscles and muscle pain from exercise.


Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, ginger is a prize-winning immune system booster. You can get the health benefits of ginger and its superstar cousin, turmeric, in this Turmeric Immunity Drink and see why it’s an immune system superstar below:

5. Antiviral – Fresh ginger has shown antiviral properties, fighting respiratory infections in some clinical research.
6. Clears sinuses and congestion – The warming effects of ginger help to clear stuffy noses and congestion, moving mucus and bacteria out of the system.


New research has shown promising effects of supplemental ginger on balancing blood sugar:

7. Stabilizes blood sugar levels – A recent small study showed a significant reduction in fasting blood sugar levels.
8. Increases insulin sensitivity – Ginger may naturally improve insulin sensitivity, good news for those with insulin resistance.


One of the more promising health benefits of ginger is its ability to support the heart. Here’s how:

9. Improves circulation – Ginger promotes good circulation, which can help to lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots.
10. May help lower cholesterol – A small study has shown that ginger may effectively lower levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.


Adding ginger to your daily diet is easy and delicious. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate this powerful healing food to get the health benefits of ginger:

Raw ginger – Add a half- to one-inch piece of raw ginger to your morning smoothie, or enjoy it in a fresh juice.
Ginger tea – Boil freshly grated ginger in filtered water for 10 minutes, strain and enjoy.
Ginger powder – An easy way to add an extra kick to many meals. How about Coconut Chicken Soup or a side of Gingered Green Beans?

Written by Clean Team

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