Delicious Cinnamon Pear Gluten-Free Pancakes


These heavenly cinnamon spiced pear gluten-free pancakes will fill the air with deliciousness. To replace eggs in any recipe, you can simply make a flaxseed egg substitution. That’s what we used in this recipe and the pancakes came out fluffy, moist, and allergen-free. While they aren’t totally cleanse-approved, we think these pancakes are a delicious healthy alternative to your fave brunch spot!

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A Peach Cobbler With a Surprisingly Healthy Ingredient


Summer fruit is the perfect choice for crumbles and cobblers alike. We’ve picked peaches and blueberries at their peak for this recipe. With the fruit in its prime, we didn’t need much sweetener to bring this dish to perfection, just whole, cleanse-approved ingredients. Try swapping out the fruit with a new seasonal pick each time you make it, and it’s sure to be a regular in your dessert (or breakfast) rotation year-round.

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Tasty Breakfast Ideas You Need to Try Today

clean breakfast

“What are some breakfast ideas that are good for pre-cleansing?” We get this question a lot. When we are used to eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, buttered toast, breakfast ideas that follow the Clean Diet (or an elimination diet) before we begin the shake routine can be challenging.

So here are some ideas we’ve compiled that should get through the few days of pre-cleansing easily and make your tastebuds happy too! Try some of these ideas either on or off the 21-Day Clean Program!

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