Strength training trumps cardio


These days we hear more and more that regular strength training produces far greater physical and mental gains than just doing cardio workouts, and not just for men.
Many women think exercise equals hours spent on the treadmill to burn calories or a yoga class, but exercise doesn’t end there. In fact, women see new changes in their bodies with strength training that they would’ve never seen before with hours of cardio.
Strength training not only builds a lean, sculpted, strong body, it even boosts confidence and self-pride. Who’s not going to feel proud of themselves after doing their first pull up or deadlift?
Focusing on building strength, rather than just burning calories, may motivate you to keep showing up, and to cap it all off, you’ll help prevent bone density loss and diseases like osteoporosis as you age.

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The Best Tasting Chicken Stock Recipe in the World


This chicken stock recipe is wonderful. It creates a simple yet delicious staple that should be in everyone’s repertoire. It’s also a great way to use up the carcass of a roasted chicken, turkey or duck, or any wild or pastured red meat. This chicken stock recipe is also full of nutrients and is great for digestion meaning you should definitely try to incporate during the 21-Day Clean Program; perfect to keep on hand when cold and flu season approaches.

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Why Am I So Emotional During a Cleanse?


Cleansing is not always comfortable. In fact, it can be quite uncomfortable especially as the body begins to release toxins. Some common physical symptoms of a 21-Day Cleanse can include: headaches, fatigue, and skin issues. Most people enter a cleanse expecting to experience various amounts of physical discomfort, however, many are shocked (and frustrated) once they begin to feel emotional discomfort as well.

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#MyCleanProgram – Maria Tosoni

Maria and Alyssa

Maria here (on the left), I am the co-founder of the blog Spinach for Breakfast with my sister Alyssa. Here’s my story in a nutshell. I developed some serious stomach issues in college that no GI doctor could seem to solve. I decided to do some of my own detective work and came across the Clean Program. I learned (with some accompanying blood work) that I didn’t tolerate gluten. I also discovered cutting out dairy, processed ingredients and refined sugars kept me feeling my absolute best. The feeling is truly addicting! This is why I practice clean eating every day. Ok, so maybe not every day! I’m 26 and I live a very social life in NYC, so realistically it doesn’t work all the time. My sister and I created Spinach for Breakfast not only to provide readers with clean recipes, but also to share how we fit clean eating into our “real lives” in hopes to inspire others! Here’s a peek into 3 days of my life – My Way.

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Why You’ll Crave These Delightful Pumpkin Desserts


Autumn means shorter days, crunching leaves, cooler temperatures and of course, pumpkin everything. Here are pumpkin desserts perfect for cleansing on the 21-Day Clean Program. One recipe makes two different and equally delicious pumpkin desserts — bread and cookies.

Pumpkin desserts like these make it easy to forego other sugary treats this time of year, and it’s nice to have a recipe that makes both bread and cookies at once. Also feel free to make two batches; one of each.

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