#MyCleanProgram – Maria Tosoni

Maria and Alyssa

Maria here (on the left), I am the co-founder of the blog Spinach for Breakfast with my sister Alyssa. Here’s my story in a nutshell. I developed some serious stomach issues in college that no GI doctor could seem to solve. I decided to do some of my own detective work and came across the Clean Program. I learned (with some accompanying blood work) that I didn’t tolerate gluten. I also discovered cutting out dairy, processed ingredients and refined sugars kept me feeling my absolute best. The feeling is truly addicting! This is why I practice clean eating every day. Ok, so maybe not every day! I’m 26 and I live a very social life in NYC, so realistically it doesn’t work all the time. My sister and I created Spinach for Breakfast not only to provide readers with clean recipes, but also to share how we fit clean eating into our “real lives” in hopes to inspire others! Here’s a peek into 3 days of my life – My Way.

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Why You’ll Crave These Delightful Pumpkin Desserts


Autumn means shorter days, crunching leaves, cooler temperatures and of course, pumpkin everything. Here are pumpkin desserts perfect for cleansing on the 21-Day Clean Program. One recipe makes two different and equally delicious pumpkin desserts — bread and cookies.

Pumpkin desserts like these make it easy to forego other sugary treats this time of year, and it’s nice to have a recipe that makes both bread and cookies at once. Also feel free to make two batches; one of each.

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How to Make These Healthy Thai Noodles in Just Fifteen Minutes


This Thai noodles recipe is quick and easy, just the type of recipes we love to make.  These “ramen” noodles are packed with flavor and are much healthier than, but just as quick as, the classic ones. You can easily adjust this recipe to fit your individual tastes or to fit whatever is at your local market any given day. I’ve used shiitake mushrooms and onion here but feel free to add greens, broccoli, carrots, scallions, or anything else. These Thai noodles are ready in under 15 minutes, a short wait to satisfy your cravings. How can you go wrong with that?

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My Way: Peggy and Megan Curry


We are Peggy and Megan Curry, mother-daughter cooking duo, and founders of Curry Girls Kitchen. Peggy has been educating and teaching families around the South Bay how to cook beneficial meals for their families for the past 20 years. Megan’s passion for cooking began her senior year in high school, after her chronic illness led the whole Curry family to be diagnosed gluten-intolerant. In 2012 we founded Curry Girls Kitchen together to teach people how to cook delicious and beneficial gluten-free recipes.

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See How Simple This Falafel Recipe Really Is


This falafel recipe is delicious and is a must-try for everyone. Chickpeas (actually a legume) are generally much easier to digest than beans, and soaking them helps even more. If there are leftovers, add these tasty morsels to salads, vegetable noodle dishes, and a variety of other meals. Get creative, and you will find that this falafel recipe pairs perfectly with many types of foods. The tahini sauce has lots of uses as well, and it’s also great for blood sugar regulation.

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Do You Need to Know How to Make This Chimichurri Sauce?


Chimichurri sauce is perfect with just about anything: chicken, fish, lamb, salads, roasted vegetables, wild rice, and anything else you can think of. Originating from South America, this sauce is similar to a pesto, but parsley is the base of the recipe instead of basil. Typical ingredients also include garlic, vinegar, oil, and oregano — all part of the delicious chimichurri sauce recipe below. Kids will love dipping veggies in this antioxidant-rich spread that’s also anti-inflammatory and high in vitamin A and C. Chimichurri sauce is another great way to get nutrient-dense foods into each meal!

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These Squash Noodles Are the Perfect on the Go Recipe


Squash noodles are super quick meal perfect for the Clean Program. The noodles are just barely cooked, so we get incredible flavor and texture while maximizing the enzymes and nutrients from these vegetables. Different types of squash come with a variety of nutrients that can help the with immune system, skin, heart health, and Type 2 Diabetes. Detox-friendly, tasty, and ready in minutes, this squash noodles recipe is one of our favorites. Modify with any vegetables or toppings you like; the possibilities are endless.

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Why You Need to Reward Yourself With This Coconut Blueberry Cake


Every once in awhile, I like to give the community recipes for treats that might not fall into the Gut Program or Cleanse Program guidelines. Something to enjoy post-cleanse when you’re still trying to incorporate many of the principles of Clean but might be a bit more lenient on ingredients. This coconut blueberry cake, which I discovered on one of my favourite food and photography blogs, Roost, contains eggs, (lots of them!) but even for those who may have a sensitivity to eggs, like myself, I find that when they’re in something baked, they’re fine. And of course, as we’ve mentioned before, the higher quality (pastured, local) eggs you use, the better they are for you. The large number of eggs is why the fiber rich coconut flour works so well in this recipe.

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Paprika Dusted Summer Vegetable Rounds


Made with summer vegetables, these are like soft chips, roasted to perfection and super addictive but don’t worry, there’s no harm in eating your fill of them. They’re entirely healthy and family friendly, yippee! I make huge batches when there’s an abundance of summer squash and put them on salads, use in egg dishes (post cleanse of course), on gluten free pizza, as a french-fry-esque side dish, as a healthy snack. . . no matter how they’re used, they always disappear instantly!

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