Is It Time for a Cleanse?


While the colder winter months are usually associated with lethargy, a lack of sunshine, and an increase on calorie-dense processed foods, winter can be a wonderful time to reflect, rest, and support our bodies natural cleansing process to boost our immune system.

To get you into the cleansing spirit, we want to remind you why regularly scheduling a 21-Day Clean Program  is an essential habit for lasting health in the new year. Just as the seasons change, returning to the simple health principles of Clean each year helps create a foundation for optimal health.

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5 Remarkable Benefits of Acupuncture


Acupuncture is a 2500-year-old holistic healing modality with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in which trained practitioners insert a fine needle into the skin on specific points on the body, known as meridian acupoints. Proponents of the modality enthusiastically claim that it helps protect against illness, and provides significant pain relieving benefits; especially for stress and chronic pain conditions. We’ve found by incorporating holistic treatments like acupuncture to the 21-Day Clean Program, and a clean lifestyle, we can improve health dramatically.

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Natural Deodorant – Have You Made the Switch?


We’ve all had those days when we throw on layer after layer of deodorant without even batting an eye because we are really sweating it out. But have you ever stopped to think what is actually in those magic little sticks? Going on the 21-Day Clean Program helps us find the best and most nutritious whole foods for our bodies, but also helps us realize that what we put on our bodies matters as well.

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Did You Know Autumn Salad Has All of These Benefits?


This salad is a perfect side dish, and would be a highlight at your Thanksgiving feast. Bitter greens, like the ones found in this salad, are an amazing addition to your meals. They’re teeming with nutrition, packed with fiber, and they help kickstart the digestive process. Most of us don’t eat enough bitter foods, so we miss out on their many benefits. Best of all, their taste is balanced by the sweetness of apple and beet. We hope you enjoy this beautiful and tasty way to include more bitter foods in your diet.

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How to Make Comforting Pesto Rice


This pesto rice is a delicious and nutritious comfort food that is great for any season. It’s perfect as is, with some extra protein (chicken or nuts), or as a side dish. Bonus: it keeps in the fridge for several days. When it comes to preparing healthy food, for us, it’s all about eating locally and seasonally, so feel free to vary the vegetables used with whatever you find in your garden or at the market, and let us know what you think!

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These Squash Noodles Are the Perfect on the Go Recipe


Squash noodles are super quick meal perfect for the Clean Program and the Clean Gut Program. The noodles are just barely cooked, so we get incredible flavor and texture while maximizing the enzymes and nutrients from these vegetables. Different types of squash come with a variety of nutrients that can help the with immune system, skin, heart health, and diabetes. Detox-friendly, tasty, and ready in minutes, this squash noodles recipe is one of my favourites. Modify with any vegetables or toppings you like; the possibilities are endless.

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