The Dairy-Free Matcha Latte That Will Make You Forget Coffee


For many people, the ritual of a hot cup of coffee is the only thing that gets them out of bed in the morning. While coffee may have some benefits, it also can have detrimental side effects like acidity, dehydration, and potential to cause anxiety. We recognize the power of a warm, comforting mug in the morning, so we’ve created this immunity-boosting matcha latte to get you going without the negative side effects. It’s also a wonderful healthy beverage to drink while participating in the 21-Day Clean Program, so stir it up and go!

Healthy Alcoholic Drinks: Cranberry Rosemary Cocktail


It’s true, healthy alcoholic drinks do exist and we are here to give you the information you need to celebrate and stay balanced this holiday. We eliminate alcohol on the Clean Program (even in the form of healthy alcoholic drinks) and we recommend only having alcohol sparingly after your cleanse, but that doesn’t mean you must avoid it all together. Life is about balance and the key to enjoying a healthy alcoholic drink is using the right type of alcohol and mixer, like this cranberry rosemary cocktail.

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Healthy Hot Chocolate With An Antioxidant Kick


Our healthy hot chocolate is a fresh take on a seasonal favorite that will help you cozy up this winter without serving your friends and family processed cocoa with an unhealthy amount of added sugar. Healthy hot chocolate differs from the conventional version because it uses real antioxidant-rich chocolate as its base rather than traditional processed  mixes that contain added sugars.

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Medicinal Mushroom Tea: This Season’s Immunity Elixir


Are you looking to boost your immunity? Try this medicinal mushroom tea in place of your daily cup of coffee. Medicinal mushroom tea has many benefits such as balancing our immune systems to help our bodies handle everyday stress.

Coffee can be dehydrating and taxing on the detox organs, and is included in our Big Three of dietary addictive substances. By replacing your java with a medicinal mushroom elixir, you are flooding your system with immunity-activating Beta-Glucans. The bitter taste of medicinal mushrooms increases with their potency, making them the perfect coffee alternative. 

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Holy Basil, Rose and Blueberry Lemonade


What is better than a beautiful summer drink? How about a beautiful summer drink with healing ingredients. This lemonade uses a base of holy basil tea, also known as tulsi, which is highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine. Holy basil is known to aid in the treatment of anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism. During and after the Clean Program, sip on this treat and share it with those you love.

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How to Make a Simple Italian Soda Recipe With Fresh Thyme


Eating clean doesn’t mean we have to give up our fancy cocktails. This blackberry-thyme italian soda recipe is an antioxidant packed substitute for those sweet alcoholic drinks. It’s also a great excuse to add fresh fruit and herbs into our day. Stopping by the local farmer’s market to stock up on fresh locally grown ingredients, is a great way to get nutritious ingredients, for this simple, yet refreshingly delicious italian soda.

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