Holy Basil, Rose and Blueberry Lemonade


What is better than a beautiful summer drink? A beautiful summer drink with healing ingredients. This lemonade uses a base of holy basil tea, also known as tulsi, which is highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine.

Holy basil is known to aid in the treatment of anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism. During and after the Clean Program, sip on this treat and share it at any get-togethers you have this summer – your friends will thank you!

We love lemon for its revitalizing and detoxifying benefits. You can even have this concoction right when you wake up to start your day with some ultimate hydrating refreshment.  For special occasions, you can pair with our delectable lemon bars.

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How to Make a Simple Italian Soda Recipe With Fresh Thyme


Eating clean doesn’t mean we have to give up our fancy cocktails. This blackberry-thyme italian soda recipe is an antioxidant packed substitute for those sweet alcoholic drinks. It’s also a great excuse to add fresh fruit and herbs into our day. Stopping by the local farmer’s market to stock up on fresh locally grown ingredients, is a great way to get nutritious ingredients, for this simple, yet refreshingly delicious italian soda.

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A Powerful Ginger Juice You Need to Make

Today we have a simple but amazing ginger juice recipe to share. This juice has a warm, spicy, and unique taste of its own, but we can also add stevia, peppermint, and/or lemon to add to the amazing flavor. We can have this ginger juice recipe as a drink anytime of the day, and we can also incorporate it into our smoothies. It’s a highly cleansing beverage that is a perfect complement to the 21-Day Clean Program.

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Try This Lemonade Recipe Now to Better Calm Your Mind


Each day, try to sit quietly for a few moments. This moment of revitalization calms and balances us so we can continue throughout our busy days. If you use lavender when you relax or meditate, try using it differently by making this lavender lemonade recipe. Delicious and refreshing, this lemonade recipe is perfect for being still — lavander is a natural calming agent.

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Kiwi Lime Slushy


This is a very adjustable recipe, you can always use any kind of frozen fruit and make delicious variations similar to the crazy red and blue slushies you used to find at convenience stores when you were a kid. But we like these ones; healthy “treats” that won’t make your tongue turn weird colors! 

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