Coconut Water Kefir Is Surprisingly Easy to Make at Home

coconut-kefir-heroMany people are most familiar with the more common grocery kefir made from dairy. While its benefits to the digestive system are countless, we prefer to have our kefir in a dairy-free form. This version is refreshing, nutrient-dense, and hydrating, making it the perfect version to sip on all summer long. This is a cleansing drink that can be a great complement to the 21-Day Program, as can other fermented foods. 

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How to Make an Easy Kimchi


Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish, which is made by fermenting cabbage, red pepper, and other vegetables. Whether or not you can find this delicious Korean preparation, making it from scratch can often mean higher quality ingredients and a deeper appreciation for the food you eat. It’s full of probiotics, which we recommend getting on a daily dose in supplements and in food sources.

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Tired of Buying Coconut Yogurt? Try This Homemade Recipe Instead


Yogurt is commonly named when talking about probiotic foods. We’ve been told it improves digestion, immunity, and even mental health to eat fermented foods and take probiotics, but for some of us the dairy in regular yogurt can be an issue.

Especially while cleansing, avoiding dairy is important, and post-cleanse you might choose to limit or eliminate dairy for good. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to give up yogurt! We’ve created this simple vegan coconut yogurt recipe for our yogurt lovers, so you can enjoy it on and off the cleanse. 

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What Is Kombucha? Is It Really Good for You?


Somewhere in between the matchayerba mate and green tea trends there is kombucha. Perhaps you’ve spent years hearing about the health benefits — and passing the growing section of the refrigerator in the local natural grocery store — but something about the phrase “fermented yeast and bacteria” isn’t exactly a selling point for some people in a beverage. However, as probiotics and probiotic beverages are definitely here to stay, it may be time to make the jump. 

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Sauerkraut Recipe: Improve Your Digestion with a Little Fermentation


This sauerkraut recipe is one of the many types of healthy fermented foods popular throughout the world. Kefir is used in many areas of the world in forms of fermented milk, coconut water, and water. China and the Middle East have been making kombucha. a fizzy fermented tea that can be found in nearly every health food store today. In almost every culture, we find the health benefits of fermented foods adding an important component to traditional diets. They’re full of essential probiotics for building and maintaining intestinal gut flora.

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