Blueberry Chia Pudding – the Breakfast of Champions


We love unexpected flavors in recipes we’ve made time and time again. This chia seed pudding has just that, thanks to rooibos tea. The tea gives the chia seed pudding a subtle, but delicious flavor that will leave you guessing what the secret ingredient is. Combined with the creamy, cold smoothie mixture and blackberry jam, this smoothie bowl is incredibly unique and satisfying.

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Easy Weeknight Salmon Bowl with Quinoa


We are commonly advised to add more fish to our diet for its heart-healthy benefits. Unfortunately, finding and preparing high-quality, wild fish can prove difficult and too time-consuming for many people. Canned fish may seem sub-par, but in reality, it is often easier to find high-quality canned fish that will also last. We think when you try high quality-canned salmon prepared properly you’ll love the taste and have a new go-to lunch with this salmon bowl!

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A Thai Fish Recipe That Can Increase Antioxidant Capacity


You’ll love the taste of this Thai fish recipe. We’ve served it over brown rice to give you a balanced and meal, as the brown rice will soak up the rich, coconut sauce and you’ll experience a burst of flavor with each bite. Poaching the fish in the sauce ensures it will stay moist and gives the fish a chance to marinate in all of the flavors. Leaving out the red peppers will give you a delicious cleanse-friendly meal.

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Keep Your Heart Strong With This Baked Halibut


Our roasted baked halibut recipe combines colorful seasonal veggies, with the delicate sweet flavor of baked halibut. Baked halibut is rich in various nutrients such as selenium, magnesium, vitamin B12, and omega-3 essential fatty acids. With an abundance of fresh produce this dish is perfect for a fun picnic. Our savory baked halibut recipe is a perfect recipe to keep handy while cleansing on the 21-Day Program and would pair well with a refreshing Cranberry + Rosemary Fizz.

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