A History of Macrobiotics


Macrobiotics was one of the more popular diets in the 70s and in the past decade there has a resurgence in popularity. The macrobiotic diet isn’t a traditional “diet”, but more of a holistic way of living that’s based on seeking balance in everything we do. The macrobiotic theory places special emphasis on diet, since regulating what we eat and drink is the most basic and practical way to change our cells, tissues, organs, and minds. 

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3 Tips to Make the Most of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Did you know that all chronic diseases share a common factor? Even smaller-scale health issues like aging skin and wrinkles, acne, weight gain, and joint pain can all be traced back to inflammation. Reducing inflammation through food and lifestyle choices is a great way to look younger, lose weight, feel better, and lower your risk for chronic disease. An anti-inflammatory diet is one of the most important steps you can take right now to see significant improvements in your health while protecting yourself long-term.

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How Inflammation Is Messing with Your Digestion


Inflammation is triggered by the immune system in an attempt to protect the body, remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process. Initially, it’s actually a good thing. Our bodies are incredibly smart and powerful systems that work to send healing to the distressed area – without us even thinking about it! However, extended period of inflammation within the body can create some issues.

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Adaptogens Can Help You Manage Stress Better


Adaptogens are a group of special herbs that improve the health of the adrenal system. It’s important to keep our adrenal system in top shape, as it’s responsible for managing the body’s hormonal response to stress. In addition to helping us chill out, adaptogens, like fermented turmeric, offer several other powerful benefits: they boost our immune systems, help us manage a healthy weight, increase our physical endurance and mental focus, and encourage a balanced mood. We think adaptogens are a great complement to a clean lifestyle, and adaptogen supplements can even be added to your Daily Shake.

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