Congee Is the Immune-Boosting Meal TCM Recommends


Congee is a type of rice porridge popular in Eastern Asia. Often it is served plain as a side dish, and sometimes meats, seafood, and seasonal vegetables are added to make it a whole meal. It’s thought to be a very healing food in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is often served to those who are ill. In this version of congee, we’re using pastured chicken, ginger, garlic, and brown rice. This is fantastic maintenance recipe, or simply omit the peppers while on the 21-Day Program.

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Drinking the Healthy Way This Holiday Season


For many, heading to happy hour on Friday at 6:00 p.m. is a fun way to socialize with co-workers and slip into the weekend. Sprinkle a bit of holiday cheer into the mix and it’s easy to overdo it. This time of year, liquor flows freely at company and family holiday parties, and New Year’s Eve is a party in its own right. Find out more about how to make healthy drinking choices this holiday season!

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Delicious Cinnamon Pear Gluten-Free Pancakes


These heavenly cinnamon spiced pear gluten-free pancakes will fill the air with deliciousness. To replace eggs in any recipe, you can simply make a flaxseed egg substitution. That’s what we used in this recipe and the pancakes came out fluffy, moist, and allergen-free. While they aren’t totally cleanse-approved, we think these pancakes are a delicious healthy alternative to your fave brunch spot!

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The Plant-Based Power of Digestive Enzymes


Enzymes are fabulous little workhorses that play a key role in our body’s cells, catalyzing chemical reactions that facilitate the breakdown of existing materials, while creating new ones. Some foods are  harder to digest than other, or some particular foods are ones we might personally be sensitive to, can cause a lot of dreaded bloating and discomfortEnzymes are essential for the digestive process as well.

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After an Elimination Diet: What You Should Know About Reintroduction


Food intolerances can contribute to inflammation and disease in the body, and also tend to cause digestive upset, dysfunction, and distress. Embarking on any type of elimination diet is an eye opening way to track how your body is reacting to certain foods. The 21-Day Program eliminates the most common allergens, such as dairy, gluten, corn, soy, eggs, refined sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Let’s talk more about the food reintroduction process following an elimination diet. 

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Want to Know How to Make Your Coffee Healthier?


While we don’t drink coffee on the 21-Day Clean Program because it can have negative effects on a body attempting detox, but we realize many people drink coffee occasionally or daily.  Maybe you’ve noticed that it can be hard to have the “right amount.” Too much, and you might end up full of the java jitters with heart palpitations, energy crashes, and some irritability. There are ways to mitigate potential negative effects of coffee, to make that morning habit just a little bit healthier. 

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