This Pasta Salad Is Perfect for Bringing to the Barbeque


Typically creamy pasta is laden with dairy and often leaves us feeling heavy, bloated, and sluggish. This dish gives you the creaminess your taste buds desire while using zero dairy and the flavors of summer to keep things fresh. The combination of garlic, cashews, and lemon give the sauce a rich texture and flavor, while the summer vegetables and herbs add the lightness you’re craving in hotter months. This will be a recipe you use year-round to please any crowd. Try it when having cravings on the Cleanse!

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A Healthier Chicken Wing Recipe for Summer Fun


The summertime usually means lots of beer, fried foods, cheesy dips, and hot wings doused in ranch dressing. Since we love celebrating with friends and delicious food, we love coming up with wholesome versions of the classics. We’ve created a healthier chicken wings recipe by baking the wings instead of deep-frying and using unprocessed fats and seasonings to add flavor. If you are currently cleansing, you can feel free to use our Buffalo Cauliflower recipe instead!

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A Thai Fish Recipe That Can Increase Antioxidant Capacity


You’ll love the taste of this Thai fish recipe. We’ve served it over brown rice to give you a balanced and meal, as the brown rice will soak up the rich, coconut sauce and you’ll experience a burst of flavor with each bite. Poaching the fish in the sauce ensures it will stay moist and gives the fish a chance to marinate in all of the flavors. Leaving out the red peppers will give you a delicious cleanse-friendly meal.

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Love Chipotle? Now You Can Make Your Own Healthy Burrito Bowl

This healthy burrito bowl recipe is a cleaner version of the typical bowl you would get at Chipotle. Although Chipotle uses fresher ingredients than other fast food chains, it’s not necessarily the healthiest option. One reason is that their portions are absolutely massive! We all love a mound of guacamole on top of our bowls, but large portions can equal an unnecessary amount of calories. With one simple swap, this recipe makes a great lunch on the Cleanse

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Fight the Flu with the Power of Instant Pot Mushroom Soup


Doesn’t it seem like everyone is sick right now? The post-holiday work grind, combined with cold weather, has a way of seriously wearing down the immune system. While washing your hands, popping echinacea, and getting plenty of sleep are great lines of defense against germs, our preferred method of keeping the cold and flu at bay is sipping a hot bowl of soup packed with immunity-boosting mushrooms and superfoods. 

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Try These Easy Instant Pot Black Beans Today


There’s something seemingly intimidating about cooking dry beans. The act of rinsing, soaking, and cooking seems daunting, but in actuality, this process requires less than one minute of hands-on prep! The result of using dry beans is a more nutrient-dense dish that has a flavor that canned beans can never stand up to. These cleanse-approved instant pot black beans use pressure cooking, so they’re done in a snap and will taste like they’ve been simmering all day.

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Save Time with These Clean Meal Prep Ideas


We love meal prep ideas here at Clean because one of the hurdles to healthy eating we hear most often is that being busy or under-prepared can derail healthy choices, especially meals on the 21-Day Clean ProgramWith proper meal prep ideas, you’ll always have easy meals on hand, so no matter how short on time you are, wholesome food is ready to go. We’ve put together our best tips for food prep, and even laid out a sample week of food prep to show you exactly how it looks. 

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