These Loaded Sweet Potatoes Are Vegan and Delicious


Loaded sweet potatoes sound like the ultimate, indulgent comfort food. Usually piled high with ingredients like sour cream, bacon, and cheese, they may taste good, but it’s better for our health to have a clean version. We’ve chosen sweet potatoes as the base for this vegan version, and with spice-rich veggies, heart-healthy oil, and garlic you’ll get just as much flavor without the food coma.

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Grain-Free Mediterranean Bowl That’s Also Great for Your Skin


We love using cauliflower rice to substitute rice or wheat in clean recipes. It’s so simple to blend, cook, and use in a variety of recipes. Grains are actually difficult for many people to digest, and you may notice indigestion or bloat after eating starchy grains like rice. Using cauliflower rice in this mediterranean bowl instead will help you to avoid this discomfort as well as lower your carb intake.

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This Pasta Salad Is Perfect for Bringing to the Barbeque


Typically creamy pasta is laden with dairy and often leaves us feeling heavy, bloated, and sluggish. This dish gives you the creaminess your taste buds desire while using zero dairy and the flavors of summer to keep things fresh. The combination of garlic, cashews, and lemon give the sauce a rich texture and flavor, while the summer vegetables and herbs add the lightness you’re craving in hotter months. This will be a recipe you use year-round to please any crowd. Try it when having cravings on the Cleanse!

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