Plant-based diet 101

A plant-based diet focuses on whole foods and, well, plants! It doesn’t necessarily have to mean you’re “vegan” or any other label. It means you consume a diet rich in whole fruits, whole vegetables, whole grains, whole nuts, and seeds, etc. Most importantly, we are placing whole foods above all else, and limiting processed foods, just like the Clean Program.

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This Mushroom Steak Recipe Is Guaranteed to Make You Want More


A delicious alternative to a heavy steak, mushroom steaks — made with portobello mushrooms — are quick to cook and are a great alternative to meat. Packed with nutrition, portobellos are low in fat while high in fiber, selenium, potassium and B vitamins. They are excellent options for vegetarians, cleansers on the Clean Program, or anyone looking for a lighter “steak-like” meal. Perfect for throwing on the summer grill too!  

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