Gluten-free lemon bars that will make your holiday party

These reinvented gluten-free lemon bars are bursting with bright citrus flavors and are perfectly balanced by a light, buttery crust. We’ve taken out the processed sugars and refined flour for our version of the classic lemon bar. Instead, you’ll find a simple crust made from almond and coconut flours and a flavorful lemon filling without artificial or refined sweeteners. You can serve these at any function and no one will guess you’ve removed the inflammation-causing ingredients from the traditional version.

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Paleo Breakfast Quiche to Stay Satisfied and Healthy


Looking for a Paleo breakfast idea that fits into your grain free, primal lifestyle? When we think of the perfect brunch menu, quiche is one of the first things that comes to mind. Buttery and flakey, no one is complaining about the taste of a traditional dough-crusted quiche. More often than not, that dough is a source of refined flours and low-quality fat — but it’s not exactly Clean or Paleo breakfast-worthy.

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