Summer Salad Brings the Best of the Season


Summer heat leaves us wanting fresh and light produce – and what better way to satisfy that craving than a colorful, nutritious salad? We’ve created this recipe using the best of the season’s flavors – spicy radishes, cleansing greens, juicy nectarines, and crunchy snap peas. You can feel free to add a protein of choice, also this is a great summer salad for your midday Cleanse meal on the 21-Day Program.  You’ll feel satisfied without feeling weighed down, and we think this will be a staple all summer long.

A Magical Kale Salad That Will Leave You Full and Satisfied


Kale‘s nutrient density and its long list of benefits make it an obvious superfood. While we love the texture and flavor of kale in all forms, its raw form might be tough to swallow if you’re new to this leafy green. Marinating kale salad and massaging the dressing into raw leaves helps soften the texture and toughness of kale. If you’re new to raw kale we think this is the perfect recipe to try! Always on the go? You can always try adding our Greens to smoothies or even just water!

Beet Salad with Walnut Vinaigrette


It’s time to start utilizing one of the season’s most nutrient dense foods. This simple salad combines the sweetness of beets and husk cherries or tomatoes with the nutty sharpness of the walnut dressing. This recipe is great for post-cleanse, especially Clean fans who are pregnant. The full Clean Program isn’t recommended during pregnancy or nursing, but the beneficial vitamin B and iron provided by this salad are approved and not to be missed.

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