The Reason Why This Is the Healthiest Chocolate Bar Recipe


This chocolate bar recipe is a treat that’s reminiscent of crunchy bars we loved as children. However, this one is free of refined sugar, packed with lots of benefits to our bodies, and is totally cleanse-friendly! Cacao has antioxidants and many benefits, including that it is a very high plant-based source of magnesium, one of the most deficient minerals in the Western world.

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Gluten-Free Biscuits: Snacks to Rave About


Contrary to what many people think, making healthy food choices can be delicious! These gluten-free biscuits are protein-dense and versatile, combining some pretty delicious flavors. While these gluten-free biscuits do require some unique ingredients, but if you’re going to be eating gluten-free baked goods for awhile (on the 21-Day Program or off), these are staples to keep in your pantry. 

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The Best Apple Cobbler Recipe for a Clean Dessert


This blackberry and apple cobbler is a gluten- and oat-free crumble that satisfies any craving for a yummy treat on the 21-Day Clean Program! We can serve this warm as an allergy-friendly (and sugar-free) dessert, an elimination diet breakfast, or as part of a mid-day solid meal. The blackberry and apple cobbler is nutritious and naturally sweet with endless possibilities.

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