Creamy and decadent pumpkin soup

Blended, creamy pumpkin soup is a comforting fall classic. Normally filled with butter and cream, we’ve created this vegan version, which is every bit as decadent and creamy but filled with nutrient-dense ingredients. We’ve leaned into savory flavors like spicy cayenne, garlic, and ginger, versus the traditionally used spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. We think it’s a unique version that will add some spice to your holidays. 

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A chill summer soup for hot days

Soup doesn’t have to be only for cold months. Our take on pea soup includes refreshing mint and subtly sweet peas all blended into a detoxifying puree to keep you feeling light during warmer months. Plus, thanks to the help of your blender, you can whip up this summer soup in less than twenty minutes for a quick weekday meal that will provide loads of nutrients. You can eat this soup hot or chilled!

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Roasted greens and moringa soup

moringa soup

It’s hard to resist a warm bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. While there’s a lot to love about the creamy texture and savory flavor of broccoli cheddar soup, that’s where the positives end. Though some of us can eat dairy without a problem, cheese and milk may cause stomach upset in those with lactose intolerance. Luckily, we can still satisfy our cravings for a creamy, savory broccoli soup without the cheddar.

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The Best Vegetable Broth for All Your Chilly Weather Needs


Bundling up with a warm cup of broth is one of the most comforting and healing things you can do for your body. While bone broth has gained mainstream popularity in recent years, don’t doubt the healing powers of a plant-based vegetable broth. This broth uses roasted vegetables as the base, which amplifies the flavor tremendously. You can also make large batches that stay fresh in the freezer for months.

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This Delicious Thai Coconut Soup Hides Lots of Greens


Our taste buds are starting to move from the hydrating fruits and vegetables we chose all summer, to the comforting and warming dishes of fall and winter. Fortunately, comfort foods can still be healthy. This Thai-influenced coconut soup is filled with nutrient-dense vegetables. Because this recipe contains lots of peppers and spices it makes a great post-cleanse soup, but it can be modified to enjoy on the 21-Day program as well.

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Reduce Inflammation with This Turmeric Chicken Soup Recipe


This flu season has been particularly bad for many people, and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down. For those suffering from common cold, flu, or simply trying to nourish well, proper nutrient-dense foods can be one of the best healers around. This immunity-boosting turmeric chicken soup is not only warm, hearty, and comforting, but every single ingredient has a specific immunity-boosting quality. It’s a perfect complement to the detox diet on the 21-Day Clean Program.

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This Ramen Can Increase Your Immune Function


Ramen is one of the most comforting dishes. Served piping hot, the flavorful bone broth is what makes this dish so memorable (and nutritious). We’ve chosen colorful vegetables and lightly sauteed them, making this dish both beautiful and delicious. Thanks to the popularity of ramen, there are now many choices in noodles, so finding a gluten-free version is easy in most stores (and just as tasty). This is perfect for on the 21-Day Cleanse or just when trying to boost your immunity during winter months.

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Try These Easy Instant Pot Black Beans Today


There’s something seemingly intimidating about cooking dry beans. The act of rinsing, soaking, and cooking seems daunting, but in actuality, this process requires less than one minute of hands-on prep! The result of using dry beans is a more nutrient-dense dish that has a flavor that canned beans can never stand up to. These cleanse-approved instant pot black beans use pressure cooking, so they’re done in a snap and will taste like they’ve been simmering all day.

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The Turkey Soup That Will Make You Glad You Have Leftovers


This is the season for giving thanks, and for breaking out our great-grandmother’s turkey recipe. Here at Clean, we wanted to provide some recipes using the scraps and leftovers that seem to pile up, starting with this delicious turkey soup. Using leftover turkey in this soup not only helps with Thanksgiving leftovers, it also moistens the meat that tends towards dryness. It’s a great recipe to use on the 21-Day Clean Program, just use brown rice instead of white.

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