Can You Survive a Real Digital Detox?


I took an unintentional digital detox during a recent stay in Budapest. I had misplaced my phone during a brief visit in NYC, and my departing flight the next morning meant I wouldn’t be seeing my iPhone for a long, long time. I decided to treat it like a detox but had only really considered it in the social media/work after hours aspect. Here’s what I learned from five weeks with no phone, maybe you’ll be inspired to do the same!

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How to Keep Your Gut Happy With These Healthy Travel Tips


Travel and vacation time is exciting and fun, and it’s important to take breaks from the daily grind, get away, and relax. But long flights, airport food, and a disruption in your daily routine can throw off your digestive health. Especially if you suffer from IBS, or other digestive disorders like celiac disease, taking preventative measures to keep your gut healthy while traveling is key.

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