The Best Energizing Beet and Avocado Salad

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This bright and nutritious beet and avocado salad will shake up your salad routine. It’s a great way to add the cleansing properties of beets and the potassium and healthy fats of avocados. With just a few ingredients and some slicing and dicing you will be sure to wow yourself and anyone else lucky enough to enjoy this dish with you. This makes a perfect lunch on and off the 21-Day Program.

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These Squash Noodles Are the Perfect on the Go Recipe


Squash noodles are super quick meal perfect for the Clean Program and the Clean Gut Program. The noodles are just barely cooked, so we get incredible flavor and texture while maximizing the enzymes and nutrients from these vegetables. Different types of squash come with a variety of nutrients that can help the with immune system, skin, heart health, and diabetes. Detox-friendly, tasty, and ready in minutes, this squash noodles recipe is one of my favourites. Modify with any vegetables or toppings you like; the possibilities are endless.

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Paprika Dusted Summer Vegetable Rounds


Made with summer vegetables, these are like soft chips, roasted to perfection and super addictive but don’t worry, there’s no harm in eating your fill of them. They’re entirely healthy and family friendly, yippee! I make huge batches when there’s an abundance of summer squash and put them on salads, use in egg dishes (post cleanse of course), on gluten free pizza, as a french-fry-esque side dish, as a healthy snack. . . no matter how they’re used, they always disappear instantly!

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The Easy Brussels Sprouts Recipe You Need to Know Now


This quick and easy Brussels sprouts recipe gives the vegetable a tasty makeover. These aren’t the bland and mushy sprouts some of us might think of. These easy Brussel sprouts are sweet, flavorful, and the coconut oil gives the dish an even more delicious taste. There are many reason for why people stress the importance of eating vegetables like these. Brussels are antifungal, anticarcinogenic, and DNA-stabilizing. These sprouts help lower cholesterol, fight inflammation, boost immunity, and are a great source of fiber. They also protect your eyes since they’re packed with Vitamin A, so if you’re on the computer a lot, eat your Brussels!

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