5 Simple Habits That Boost Gut Health


Gut health is intricately linked, and crucial to, our overall health, including maintaining a healthy weight and youthful skin. A healthy gut will boost your energy, moods, immunity, and gives you that gorgeous glow. If you are in the midst of a cleanse, or ready to embark on one, attending to the wellbeing of your gut is key. Check out these five habits to help you build a better gut.

  • Make Mealtimes Quiet Time – One of the best things we can do to encourage good gut health is to eat in a relaxed state, as much as possible. Make mealtimes a mindfulness exercise: avoid stressful or difficult conversations, and be sure to eat slowly while chewing well. Take the time to fully focus on and enjoy your food: the colors, texture, and taste. Try to eat in peaceful, pleasant surroundings; take your lunch break in the park, or dim the lights at dinner and play some calming music. 
  • Eat Fermented Foods, and Take Your Probiotics – A healthy and balanced internal ecosystem is crucial to the wellbeing of your gut. Beneficial intestinal flora assist in the digestive process, help the body fight invaders, make B vitamins more absorbable, and are a key component to proper detoxification. You can support the good bugs in your gut by eating fermented foods like raw sauerkraut and kimchi, taking a high-quality probiotic supplement, eating fiber-rich foods, and being sure to drink pure, filtered water.
  • Get Eight Hours of Sleep Each Night – A full night’s rest allows for deep tissue repair, and healthy hormone and neurotransmitter production. Syncing up with your natural circadian rhythms, and getting into the flow of a full night’s sleep every night, is a powerful way to heal your body and digestive processes. There is simply no substitute for deep and restorative sleep. Creating a good sleep environment is a great practice to keep up: dim the lights and shut devices off at least one hour before bed, make your bedroom calm and peaceful for sleeping and aim for regular sleep and waking times.
  • Exercise – Moderate physical exercise each day does great things for the beneficial flora in the gut, and helps with tone, digestion, and motility. No need for overly strenuous workouts, though: about half an hour per day of vigorous exercise, with strength and weight-bearing exercise (like free weights or yoga), is perfect.

Rebuilding a healthy inner ecosystem after years of stress and poor eating habits can take some time and patience. Emphasizing a gut-healthy lifestyle, with ongoing cleansing support and a whole foods diet, will have you well on your way to enhanced nutrient absorption, better moods, and a happier and more vibrant you!


Written by Carolyn De Lorenzo


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