Healthy Partners Help with Accountability and Support


For years, I had trouble waking up in the morning, and suddenly I was even feeling tired and lethargic throughout the day. I had a constant bloat that wouldn’t go away and my skin was feeling dull. Superficial things aside, I was also feeling less than fabulous. I looked up the perfect cleanse, and stumbled across the 21-Day Clean Program. I called my fiancé, then-boyfriend, and he had been feeling the same way about his diet and health. We were ready to make a huge change, and become healthy partners together. 

In the past, when he or I had set out to switch up our diet, it was hard when the other person in the house had different dietary needs. This time on our cleanse, we were able to eat the same things and lean on each other for discipline and support.

When your significant other jumps in to go through a dietary change or cleanse together, it makes a world of difference, it’s easier to stick to your plan and see results. For us, my fiance was able to lose 16 excess pounds; he looks great and was able to keep it up to this day. For me, my skin was glowing like never before and I had more energy and strength in my workouts. If you want your partner to be your teammate, to encourage you in accountability and support, there are a few things to keep in mind before you set your start date on the calendar.


The first thing to do is create a plan. We sat down together and planned out all of the foods that we decided we wanted to be eating. We created a huge grocery list so that when we made it to the store, we weren’t just buying bits and pieces, but the ingredients to make a healthy meal to keep us full, and snacks in between.

We decided on which ingredients we would need to create our full meals and snacks, and the portions we would need to get us through the week. We even pulled out our calendars to mark down the start and end date of this new regimen. The best part for us, we were able to actually save a lot of money from preparing our meals at home, instead of constantly ordering take out.


If I had to cook meals every night of the week, our plan to continue the cleanse would have fell flat. The key to being successful in our cleanse was preparing ahead of time. Sundays were my day to meal-prep and I would spend the afternoon with pots and pans boiling over with soup, crockpots heating up lunches, and portioning off fruit and chia seeds for our breakfasts.

Preparing ahead of time not only made our grocery shop outings easier but saved us SO much time during the week. Instead of having to prepare food and clean up after every single night of the week, our meals were prepared, so all we had to do was heat up our lunches and dinners and toss the leftover dishes in the dishwasher.


An accountability partnership is only as strong as it’s weakest link. This means that if you end up cheating, even if it’s just a single french fry, you open the doors for your partner to as well, and your plan to be healthy partners will immediately take a landslide.

Although some people choose to cheat during their cleanses, I wanted to give my body a reset for the full three weeks of my cleanse and for that reason, I realized that even making a single cheat could be detrimental to the cleanse, and my mental discipline that kept me eating a slice of apple rather than a scoop of sorbet. When you decide to embark on your new challenge, decide in your head that you will be the strongest-willed in your partnership. With any luck, your partner will decide that he does not want to let you down, and you will have a rock-solid bond that will make your three sugar, alcohol, and caffeine-free weeks simply fly by.


Written by Reese Evans, founder of Yessupply.