Sweet potato curry with squash

When we think about aromatic curries, Indian food is usually the first thing that comes to mind. To achieve a flavor similar to our favorite Indian restaurants, many of us turn to our spice cabinets and reach for curry powder. This sweet potato curry utilizes those powerful spices.

Butternut squash mac and cheese

Boxed macaroni and cheese is a childhood staple in many homes. While the taste might bring back fond memories, there’s little to love about powdered cheese and processed noodles. We’ve created a recipe with the same cheesy flavor, using gluten-free, dairy-free, butternut squash mac and cheese.

Pesto pasta with peas is the perfect spring meal

It’s easy to get your greens when they’re hidden in a flavorful, comforting bowl of pasta. We’ve paired chickpea pasta with a nutty, homemade pesto and filled it with good for you veggies like arugula and peas. This is the perfect dish to make ahead of time, and it can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Keep It Clean with This Tropical Mango Smoothie Bowl

Mango is one of the best alternatives to bananas during your cleanse. It provides the thick, sweet, creamy texture that we all love as a base for smoothies, but it is cleanse-friendly. Bonus: its flavor will instantly transport you to a warm, sunny beach, no matter what the weather is outside!

This Magic Superfood Pie Is Perfect for Your Next Party

Boasting ingredients like spirulina, matcha, and cacao, this superfood pie has the nutrient density of a big, leafy green salad. This dessert is rich in flavor but free of dairy, gluten, and processed sugar. It’s simple to make, so you’ll likely find yourself repeating this recipe all year long. Use this recipe when trying to …

The Best Vegetable Broth for All Your Chilly Weather Needs

Bundling up with a warm cup of broth is one of the most comforting and healing things you can do for your body. While bone broth has gained mainstream popularity in recent years, don’t doubt the healing powers of a plant-based vegetable broth. This broth uses roasted vegetables as the base, which amplifies the flavor …