The Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe That Is So Delicious


Missing peanut butter or chocolate chips? Love almond butter? These tasty almond butter chocolate chip cookies are packed with protein and fiber, as well as heart-healthy raw cacao, and are made completely without flour or eggs. If we’re on the Clean Program or are sensitive to peanut butter, the almond butter is the perfect substitution. Everyone who’s tried these loves the flavor! You can even serve them with coconut ice cream as an ice cream sandwich.

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Coffee Talk – The Good, Bad, and Ugly


We often see coffee shops on every corner, a steady stream of people in and out, and more walking and sitting just about everywhere you go with cups of coffee. Coffee talk is a connector, we gather over steaming cups and for some, it’s a nice morning ritual. While this is true, it’s also true that it is incredibly stimulating and addictive and when doing a 21-Day Clean Program detox or trying to bring your body back into balance and optimal health, we think coffee deserves a second look.

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My Life As a Gluten-Free Girl: How I Made the Shift


“Gluten-free” is becoming quite the diet buzzword these days, so I wanted to dig into this a bit more and explore why being a gluten-free girl is important for me and how it plays into my diet. What is gluten?Gluten is the protein found in wheat and some other grains. One problem is that gluten damages the gut lining and increases intestinal permeability. This is why we usually recommend a gluten-free diet as a reset button, usually in conjunction with some advanced digestive support.

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The French Onion Soup Recipe You Can Enjoy on the Cleanse


Yes, it’s possible to make a clean version of a delicious slow-simmered and aromatic French onion soup! It may not have the crusty bread and melted cheese, but trust us, this version is just as soul satisfying and much more energizing and good for our bodies!

This soup is perfect as a solid lunch on the Clean Program along with a side salad and/or some grains. Also feel free to puree it up and have a slightly different and delicious (although not traditional) French onion soup for a cleanse-friendly dinner.

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Detox Your Mind: The Power of Meditation


We’ve all heard about the power of meditation. It’s been shown to ease depression, improve mental function, and reduce stress and anxiety. Did you know it also reduces thought patterns or attachments to negative feelings that actually influence our physical chemistry?

Meditation quiets the the constant, undirected thinking that often brings anxiety, worry, and distraction into our everyday lives. Even taking five minutes to practice meditation can bring us back into the present moment, encourage better decision-making, and allow us to truly experience our lives to the fullest. 

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The Best Apple Cobbler Recipe for a Clean Dessert


This blackberry and apple cobbler is a gluten- and oat-free crumble that satisfies any craving for a yummy treat on the 21-Day Clean Program! We can serve this warm as an allergy-friendly (and sugar-free) dessert, an elimination diet breakfast, or as part of a mid-day solid meal. The blackberry and apple cobbler is nutritious and naturally sweet with endless possibilities.

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